About App Assay

We are tech nerds and wellbeing professionals that want to see faster, more accurate, less resource intensive diagnostics and participatory preventive healthcare.

We collect the best tech innovations and learn from them. We pull apart the tech and test the code, we figure out what data collection and sharing methods work.

We collaborate with leading edge technology centers and medical innovation researchers to learn about the new technological breakthroughs. In addition, we work with human rights organizations to help in using tech for good and promoting wellbeing in multiple ways.

We also work together with organizations in the Global South to learn from experiences around the world and to disseminate our findings.

We believe that sharing this information will help all of us learn and reinvent diagnostics and preventive healthcare.

Our approach is as follows:


In the current COVID-19 pandemic:

  • We survey leading COVID-19 smartphone apps and related approaches;
  • assay, on the most detailed level possible, which implementation choices app creators have made to implement which features (this includes all aspects of technology, operations and governance of the app down to the source code if available);
  • compare and contrast those with alternate implementation choices made by other apps that may lead to different public health outcomes, but also have different privacy and civil liberties impact;
  • work with app developers, civil society groups, research organizations, governments and NGOs to translate our findings into on the ground for apps, interop, process and governance.