Assay summary

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How effective is the App against COVID-19?

The App is similarly effective to other Apps implementing Contact Tracing. However:

  • The App also records (some) contacts with people not running the App. Under some circumstances, that may allow it to be more effective than other Apps implementing Contact Tracing.

  • The App may confuse some unrelated App Users with each other. As a result, it may falsely alert App Users that they have been exposed to the virus when they have not been; and not alert App Users that have been.

What are the downsides, or risks of using this App?

The App has several privacy issues which can be avoided through alternate implementations of Contact tracing, including:

  • Any third party can easy detect the presence of any individual they have met before wherever they go. This enables the government, any business, and any individual to conduct certain types of broad surveillance of all App Users.

  • The App Operator, and potentially others such as the government, can can easily determine the real-world identity of any App User who has entered their phone number into the App, once they have uploaded their contact history.

  • Many aspects of the technology, operations and governance of the App are not documented, nor independently overseen. Where information exists, App Users largely depend on the word of the App Creators only.

Recommendations to App Users

It is not recommended to install this App until at least the critical recommendations for the App Creators have been implemented.

Disclaimer and other notes on the assay

  • Please note the general disclaimer. We appreciate feedback and corrections.

  • This assay is not exhaustive, for reasons that include available resources and the expectation that in response to the results already produced, the App Creators will need to make substantial changes. An updated assay once those changes are complete appears to be a better use of resources.

  • This assay relies on English-language documents, which may be less complete and less accurate than any presumed Vietnamese documents. Also, many of the available English-language documents were clearly written by non-native English speakers and often use terms that native English speakers would not use, or not use in this context. Our interpretation of some of those terms may be incorrect with respect to the intention of the writer.