Assay summary

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How effective is the App against COVID-19?

The App implements global best practices as they are known today, specifically:

  • Use of operating-system level Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) contact tracing, for 24x7 operation
  • Use of statistical techniques and continually updated model parameters for best-available risk score.

What are the downsides, or risks of using this App?

The amount of information available about the App, its technology and operations follows global best practices. No significant downsides or risks for App Users are known.

Recommendations to App Users

While the ultimate usefulness of electronic contact tracing to fight back the disease has not been established (yet?), we see no significant reasons not to use this App: in the best case it will make a significant difference against COVID-19; in the worst-case, it reduce battery life of smartphones by a small amount.

Disclaimer and other notes on the assay