Survey of App Features

We have found the following features in COVID-19 Apps.

Attestation of Recovery

Enables an individual to prove that they have successfully recovered from the disease.

Case Management

Functionality by which cases can be managed.

Contact Tracing

Record and trace exposure to other people that may have been sufficient to transmit the virus

Data Collection on Disease Progression

Enables medical researchers or public health authorities to collect medical data on a patient's disease progression, in order to understand the disease better.

Home Monitoring

Monitor patients sick at home.

Local Outbreak News Bulletin

Provides local news about the outbreak.

Local Outbreak News Map

Provides a local map about the outbreak

Local Outbreak News Statistics

Provides local statistics about the outbreak

Location monitoring

Authorities are being notified when an individual moves away from the location in which they are supposed to remain for quarantine purposes.

Notification of lab results

Enables labs to notify App Users electronically about their lab test results

Promote app to friends

Makes it easy to promote using the app to friends

Self assessment

Enables members of the general public to self-assess their health.

Why this matters:

Much innovation is occurring in COVID-19 Apps. While “contact tracing” is the best-known feature, many other features have been implemented.