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App Objectives and Features

The overall objectives of Apps to help with the pandemic fall into the following major categories:

  • reduce the number of infections;

  • improve the recovery of infected people;

  • understand the disease better;

  • reduce economic impact of the pandemic.

To address these objectives, we have found the following strategies implemented in Apps. They can typically be implemented using a variety of implementation choices with various pro’s and con’s.

Attestation of Recovery
Enables an individual to prove that they have successfully recovered from the disease.
Case Management
Functionality by which cases can be managed.
Contact Tracing
Trace contacts with potentially infectious others.
Data Collection on Disease Progression
Collect medical data on a patient's disease progression.
Home Monitoring
Monitor patients sick at home.
Local Outbreak News Bulletin
Provides local news about the outbreak.
Local Outbreak News Map
Provides a local map about the outbreak
Local Outbreak News Statistics
Provides local statistics about the outbreak
Location monitoring
Notify authorities when an individual changes location
Promote app to friends
Makes it easy to promote using the app to friends